She's seen war and peace, boom and bust. May she never see prospered distrust!

There’s a new sense of urgency wafting in the air,
Silently, secretly, swallowing all prayer,
Hanging on each dream, and tugging on each hope,
And pushing each one of us down the slippery slope.

Lies and deception everywhere I look,
From left and from right, from supposed saint and crook,
While once upon a time, Americans cared for their neighbor,
Nowadays people rebuke those who labor!

Despair and discouragement are today’s song,
While so many people rejoice to do wrong,
Even while knowing what goes around comes back,
That’s a good enough reason to give someone a smack?

What ever happened to compassion and virtue,
Not the kind of mush on TV, but honest heart rescue,
What ever happened to neighborly chat,
Caring and sharing, just chewing the fat.

Neighbor now is turned against neighbor,
All over whether they’re poorer or richer,
Do you labor in a union or wear a white collar,
Maybe you’re just lazy, or an elite scholar.

It used to not matter, we could still be friends,
But sorrowful politics now burns at both ends,
Oh that common sense would rise up in us all,
And remind us that UNITY will prevent our great fall!