I wrote yesterday about a conversation I had with a reasonably intelligent man my age who believes Obama deserves a chance to finish what he has started. I have a very difficult time with this viewpoint as explained in part yesterday. (4 More or Not?)

If wealth distribution is the objective, and the target is the top 1%, I have to ask …

    Does anyone REALLY think those in the top 1% are going to give their money away to those able, but unwilling to work? REALLY?
    Does anyone really think they should???

While it may be true that no individual needs $25 million dollars to survive, similarly, do able-bodied, unemployed individuals deserve an allowance from Uncle Sam sufficient to sustain a level of existence better than those willing to work for minimum wage?

Understanding Poverty in the United States: Surprising Facts About America’s Poor

It’s one thing to DONATE to one’s CHOSEN philanthropic organization(s). It’s something altogether different to be required to pay the government that money to be given arbitrarily to … Solyndras?, to Kennedy’s green corp, to union bosses to pay back into the Democratic coffers and other self-interest groups.

It may be futile, but I AM trying to understand the appeal of Socialism. Of course it sounds good to those with little, because it gives them a hope of … more. I can even understand the appeal to the Educational elite, philosophers, who have always leaned left. These communal philosophies ALWAYS sound good on paper. It’s when you invest these ideals into people that the flaws are obvious.

  • If I will receive $1500/mo from the government whether I work or not, why should I work? What motivates me to work?
  • If I make the same $1500 whether I work 10 hrs or 80 hrs, why on earth would I work 80 hrs?
  • If I make $1500 whether I improve a technique in medicine or botch every procedure I attempt, well …
  • If the reward for excellence is removed along with the sense of accomplishment for a job well done, what gives life purpose?

Socialism is NOT the Answer, but the question is:
Is GREED your motivation?


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