The U.S. Army "rank and file" march down Constitution Avenue.

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As an article I posted several weeks ago stated, The Federal Reserve is one of the most dangerous corporations to the sovereignty of the United States that is out there. There is new information coming from a Wall Street Insider speaking about how he and others who helped get Obama elected feel about what he is doing and has done. This guy is positive that Obama or someone in his Department of Justice is going to attempt to unionize the United States Military before Obama leaves office. I pray I am not the only person that this idea scares. Our military forces were formed to protect the citizens of this country from all foreign entities who would try to destroy this country. I also understand that our military as well as our National Guard troops are suppose to be here to protect us from our outside enemies as well as our internal enemies.

With this knowledge why in the world is our Congress sitting back and allowing a known union thug, like Jimmy Hoffa, Jr, to call for out-and-out war between his union followers and the citizens of this country? Is this one reason Obama and his handlers are going to push the unionization of our military? So the citizens of this country will be forced to cooperate when the time comes for their take-over of our government totally and completely? I believe it is! Once the military is unionized they can force out the people who refuse to be in that type of union and replace those people with their followers who are more than willing to kill or imprison the citizens of America simply because we disagree with what direction this administration and others are trying to force us to accept.

There are already far too many Senators and House of Representatives of our Congress who are members of the Democratic Socialists of America organization. If that doesn’t tell the regular people out in our country that are hanging onto their “old Democratic” party mindset, that their party is no longer “their” party, I don’t know what will. Maxine Waters is caught on tape (video below) making the statement out of her own mouth….. Did you notice how red Steve Cohen’s, (D-TN) ears turned, he’s sitting to her right and how he hid himself behind her when he realized the camera was on him? Then the assistant to his right was snickering under her hand? Mrs. Waters was stammering because she knew good and well she had let the cat out of the bag and was flustered just enough to not be able to regain her composure right away. Mrs. Waters as well as Mr. Cohen are both members of the Democratic Socialists of America. And they both state that they are proud members of the DSA! CONTINUE READING