For Freedom to thrive,
Moral Virtue must be Sincere!

I’ve seen many people come and go along our shores,
Skirmishes and battles and heroes galore,
But among the many courageous, hiding in plain sight,
Brethren more prone to apathy than fight.

From high above the Capitol, I wave in liberty,
While elected representatives pass by religiously;
No longer honoring our marvelous history,
That no one seems to remembers but me.

Patriotism, wrapped in a sense of urgency,
Is a dying art of national morality,
To apprehend the nature of Constitutionality,
And feel a sense of deep, personal responsibility.

From high atop the nation, even the stars look different,
Designed with a purpose, both general and specific;
Yet so easy it is to lose sight of the glory,
And misunderstand or pervert the moral of the story.

Founding Fathers tried to prepare us for freedom unwrapped,
But loss of moral virtue means we can’t find it with a map,
Corruption sinks deeper, the error message clear:
For freedom to thrive, moral virtue must be sincere.

Happy Thanksgiving to all InMon “a dying art” visitors, to BEKINDREWRITE, as well as the rest of my friends and family online!