Millions of Reasons not to Believe in Evolution, Part Two,

by jlthomson

“A simple experiment confirms the composite nature of blood. Pour a quantity of red blood cells into any clear glass and simply wait. Horizontal bands of color will appear as various cells settle by weight, until the final multi-layered result resembles an exotic cocktail. The deepest reds; comprising clumps of red cells, sink to the bottom; plasma, a thin yellow fluid, fills the top part of the flask; platelets and white cells congregate in a pale gray band in between.

What the telescope does to nearby galaxies, the microscope does to a drop of blood: it unveils the staggering reality. A speck of blood the size of this letter ‘o’ contains 5,000,000 red cells, 300,000 platelets and 7,000 white cells. The fluid is actually an ocean stocked with living matter. Red cells alone, if removed from a single person and laid side by side, would carpet an area of 3,500 square yards.

Red cells and white cells make appearances in other portions of this book and are examined in detail elsewhere. But the body’s survival depends just as surely on the cells with a delicate flower-like shape, the platelets. Their function remained hidden until recently. Now scientists recognize that platelets, which circulate only six to twelve days in blood, play a crucial role in the life-saving process of clotting; they serve as mobile first-aid boxes by detecting leaks, plugging them, and tidying up the debris.


To imagine that ANY of these things could occur spontaneously, accidentally from chaos requires more faith than the concept of Creation!


Fantastic Voyage (1966)