Is our current “Young Pretender” preparing to fly the coop even before his Culloden in 2012? Until the advent of Barack Obama, Charles Edward Stuart (1720-1788), called The Young Pretender, was a prime contender for the title of greatest narcissistic waster of other people’s time and trouble in history. The Stuarts’ hopeless quest to reclaim the throne of England brought little beyond misery to the Scots, many of whom subsequently turned their backs on the Highlands to wrest a better life out of the American wilderness. CONTINUE READING

The magical rise of Barack Obama, a man with no background, no documented history, no past girlfriends, no classmates, no school records, and a paint shopped birth certificate, slid into office on the backs of Union bosses & billionaire celebrities & marxists, past the meddling noses of a deeply biased media who clearly chose to turn a “blind eye” to the inconsistencies that have now become glaring Constitutional issues within the Obama administration. 

A new, all-time LOW for Congressional success mated with a new all-time LOW approval for our ‘reigning’ King President makes for an historical ‘product’ – a US civilization on a dangerous precipice economically, politically, and culturally!


  • First, Americans must have an “awakening” that goes beyond the political realm and into the social. Whether society is a reflection of Congress or Congress is a reflection of society, well … obviously, we’re in BIG trouble!
  • Second, our Constitutional Republic requires at least two things of the PEOPLE:
  • to have a basic understanding of the Constitution, and
  • to participate in the government by exercising our right to VOTE!
  • Third, educate yourself on the issues and decide where you stand. Then VOTE accordingly!
  • Fourth, perhaps the most important thing we can do to take our nation back is to PRAY! Pray to whomever you pray, and do whatever you believe must be done, but get involved, and pray for help from The same Providence that gave birth to this nation. Turn your own heart toward the divine, toward goodness, toward kindness and away from anger and greed and maybe, just maybe the tide will turn.