About 500 Occupy Wall Street protesters marched from a New York park to the stock exchange in protest - the movement believes economic inequality should be halted - They hoped the protest would attract thousands of people. So sad!

If the people protesting in various cities across America are calling themselves “Occupiers,” why is our military not called in to “oust” them by whatever means necessary? We wouldn’t allow (I hope) the Italians, or Brazilians, or Cubans, or Canadians to “occupy” any portion of America, so why are we allowing these “occupiers” to stay? Likewise, if any Americans went into another nation to “Occupy” an area I would expect that nation to “oust” the “occupiers” by whatever means necessary.

Yes, they have a right to assemble, LAWFULLY, and protest, LAWFULLY, but since they are choosing NOT to do these LAWFULLY, why are the Governors and Mayors, etc not ACTING in behalf of the people of the USA??? Don’t fall for the “young, idealistic and they’re just protesting corporate greed” bologna, either! There are plenty of organized Union-backed street thugs behind these gatherings. There is a RIGHT way and a WRONG way to protest, and these folks are creating dangerous situations every place them gather!

Wise up, Americans!