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The “Death of Right to Work”

That’s what the Wall Street Journal calls the National Labor Relations Board’s (NLRB) attempt to do what the Big Labor bosses have been dreaming of for decades — destroy the Right to Work of every worker in every state in the country.

In 2009, the airline manufacturer Boeing announced it would open a new plant in the Right to Work state of South Carolina, employing over 1,000 men and women. Since South Carolina is a Right to Work state, the Big Labor bosses at the International Association of Machinists union can’t force the workers to pay up or be fired.

Furious, the union bosses have filed an “Unfair Labor Practice” charge against Boeing, demanding that the plant be shut down. President Obama’s appointees at the NLRB are more than happy to oblige.

In fact, the NLRB‘s acting General Counsel, Lafe Solomon, recently filed a complaint against Boeing asking a judge to stop production at Boeing’s South Carolina plant and force Boeing to transfer the manufacturing to Washington, a forced-unionism state.

If the Big Labor bosses get their way, it is likely the 1,000 workers will be laid off and forced into the unemployment lines.

And it gets worse.

The Wall Street Journal called the complaint “The Death of Right to Work” because if the NLRB can stop a business from operating in a state simply because that state prohibits compulsory unionism, companies and workers will have nowhere to flee from forced-unionism tyranny.

And the stage will be set for the National Labor Relations Board to DESTROY every state Right to Work law in the country.

WE-the-PEOPLE cannot let this happen.

The Obama bureaucrats at the NLRB cannot be allowed to dictate to companies where they can operate, or to workers for whom they can work. But they will, if you, and millions of Americans like you, do not mobilize to stop them.

Sign the petition HERE to your U.S. Senators IMMEDIATELY

The NLRB’s charges are completely baseless. But by forcing Boeing to spend millions of dollars defending themselves, the Board has effectively scared thousands of other companies out of moving or expanding into Right to Work states.

Fortunately, there is a bill in Congress to order the NLRB to stand down.

The Job Protection Act (S.964) simply says that employers have the right to open businesses and hire workers wherever they think it makes sense to do so, and the Obama bureaucrats at the NLRB won’t be able to sue them for making the sound economic decision to move to a Right to Work state.

The petition urges your Senators to support the Job Protection Act (NOT the Spending Jobs Bill Obama has been trying to get through the Senate for 2 months) to forbid the NLRB to persecute Boeing or any other company for creating jobs in Right to Work states.

The fact is, the NLRB is one of Big Labor’s most effective accomplices in increasing its forced-dues power, and over the past few years, Obama’s NLRB has repeatedly ruled against workers who have tried to exercise even their most basic rights. Whether these workers sought to dismiss unwanted union “representation” or attempted to stop their forced dues from being used to elect handpicked Big Labor politicians, the story was the same — union-label NLRB appointees sided with their Big Labor allies in favor of compulsion.

And since the 2010 elections — it’s only gotten worse.

You see, with the political winds shifting in our direction, the union bosses know they’re going to have a hard time ramming their radical agenda through Congress. They’re depending on Obama’s hand-picked bureaucrats at the NLRB to expand their forced-dues empire through regulatory fiat, and this current action against Boeing, as bad as it is, is just the tip of the iceberg.

The Big Labor bureaucrats at the NLRB are scheming to impose most of Big Labor’s agenda on the American people, including:

  • *** Card Check Forced Unionism, which would STRIP workers of the right to a secret ballot in union elections, allowing union thugs to intimidate workers one-on-one — or three-on-one — into signing so-called “union authorization cards;”
  • *** Unfettered access to the workplace, forcing employers to allow radical union militants to access private company property to harass workers into signing themselves and their fellow employees over to union boss control;
  • *** Mandatory binding arbitration, which would allow President Obama’s hand-picked minions to impose the terms and conditions of employment on private American workers and companies;
  • *** Quick snap, ambush elections that leave employers and independent-minded employees with virtually no time to share truthful information, so workers only hear one side of the story – Big Labor’s!

This is an opportunity for those of us who think Big Business has too much power already to let our voices be heard.
The link at the top and bottom of this post will take you to the petition to send to your representatives.

Please – Our Constitutional Republic will only work
if we participate!

If Big Labor’s NLRB gets away with their attempt to bypass Congress and RAM Big Labor’s agenda down the throats of the American people, it will deal a crippling blow to our already-struggling economy.