Silence is NOT Golden, after all!

The “Silent Generation” will devastate Obama

and his Party next year

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

“Grandma and grandpa are not happy! They are sick of the mess the Occupy Wall Street type brats have made of our country.

“This is the conclusion to be drawn from a new Pew Research poll of Americans 66 to 83 years of age on our current political situation.

“Referring to this group as the “Silent Generation”, Pew reports that they came of age in time to vote for Truman Eisenhower and Kennedy, so they did not necessarily fall into the habit of reflexively voting for Roosevelt and the whole Democrat ticket. They had their flirtation with supporting Democrats such as Bill Clinton in the 1990s but didn’t like what it brought about. Since the 2000 election these “Silents” have been voting at increasingly higher rates for Republicans.

Remembering how America should be

“When stacked up against other generations – Boomers Gen Xers and Milennials, Pew’s “Silent Generation” is markedly more “angry” at what has happened to the country they grew up in. Almost 1/3 of “Silents” blame government (in this case read Democrats) for their anger. CONTINUE READING