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What Does FREEDOM Feel Like?

It’s the nature of FREEDOM, a natural yearning born into the soul of Mankind, a yearning to live free, to do as one wishes, to tend ones own land, crops, home and flourish in self-reliance. Humans are created to overcome catastrophes, challenges, and tribulations. It’s in our DNA! We are resourceful, imaginative, and clever. That’s the UP side of human nature. That’s at least part of the reason we crave FREEDOM.

Choices define our Freedom

Freedom … ah, just the sound of the word is like a spring breeze. But freedom only stretches so far. At some point, your freedom will bump into mine simply because we are all wonderfully unique. At the “bumping point,” it is imperative that something, a system of LAWS, rules or morés be established to define the boundaries. Otherwise we have precisely what exists now at the various “Occupy” locations i.e anarchy. Anarchy is simply might makes right. If I’m strong enough to “keep” it, it’s mine; if not, it belong to whoever takes it from me. Most civilized people realize this behavior results in chaos. To maintain and establish order, something has to define lawlessness.

We have surveyors to define our property boundaries. Laws define our behavioral boundaries. It is beneficial to the population if these LAWS are known and understood, posted for all to see so that conflicts may be both easily resolved and even avoided altogether. The US Constitution is our LAW – or it’s supposed to be. (but that’s for another day)

What I want to discuss here is what freedom means. Is it defined by freedom of speech or freedom of expression? Is it no rules?

What does FREEDOM mean to you???


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