Freedom From Tyranny

Posted on November 4, 2011 by loopyloo305

Once upon a time in this country we had a dream, a dream of freedom and of a future that was rich in possibilities.

John Adams said “I first saw the Constitution of the United States in a foreign country… I read it with great satisfacation, as the result of good heads prompted by good hearts, as an experiment better adapted to the genius, character, situation, and relations of this nation and country than any which had ever been proposed…. I have repeatedly laid myself under the most serious obligations to support the Constitution…. What other form of government, indeed, can so well deserve our esteem and love?”

It was a dream that began with a few good people willing to stand against the tyranny of a despot like King George. We see the kind of tyranny that they were against laid out in the Declaration of Independence. We did not dream that one day we would face an usurption of powers by a lawless President driving us back into the arms of the very tyranny that we had fought to hard to escape. We did not give up the power that is vested in the Constitution. We have a man greedy for power and control, trying to force that change down our throats will lies and laws written by him without the consent of the governed or the Congress that we elected to represent us. READ MORE at LOOPYLOO‘s site