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10 cannots

    When we understand our constitutional system of government and compare it to the actions of this administration, clearly something askew within our governing machine. This list helps us understand some of the reasons for the mess in Washington, in state capitols, and even many city governments. ~ BBB

Born in Hamburg, Germany, Boetcker was ordained a Presbyterian minister soon after his arrival in the United States as a young adult. He was ordained in Brooklyn, New York.

    An outspoken political conservative, Rev. Boetcker is perhaps best remembered for his authorship of a pamphlet entitled The Ten Cannots, published in 1916, that emphasizes freedom and responsibility of the individual on himself. (Wikipedia)

Never has Rev. Boetcker’s message been more needed!

Written nearly a century ago, you’d think it was written yesterday by some astute conservative mind. And so the political battle rages.

Boetcker also spoke of the “Seven National Crimes”: (crimes of the people!)

“I don’t think.”
“I don’t know.”
“I don’t care.”
“I am too busy.”
“I leave well enough alone.”
“I have no time to read and find out.”
“I am not interested.”

I talk to Americans everyday who offer one or more of these “criminal” excuses for not engaging in the political effort. Yes, there is corruption … in BOTH parties. Yes, things are a mess, but how will it change if We-the-People do not change it? This is the safeguard built into the Constitutional Republic in which we live. We have a say! If enough of us don’t like the way things are going, WE have the right and the ability to change things.

Is it all the fluoride in our water that mollifies us? Is it that we’re really quite comfortable? Is it that it can’t really be as bad as they’re sayin? Scarier still, what will it take to wake the American people up?