It’s been a few days and most of the dust has settled after the fairly disgracing show put on by our Republican candidates at the Las Vegas debate. I was frustrated and embarrassed by their behavior. The 2012 election is so vitally important, and yet few of those on that stage reflected the enormity of the that.

Even though this was a most discouraging debate (Las Vegas debate), the encouragement is this — it has happened before, and often. Our Founding Fathers got into an even worse brawl at the Constitutional Convention. It got so heated, and the attacks so personal, that many feared fistfights, or even duels. When just about everyone was threatening to go home, and there was a real possibility that the fragile union would dissolve, a remarkable breakthrough happened. How? The same way we can get through the present state and come out into a remarkable place.

At the height of the vitriol Benjamin Franklin prevailed on the delegates to take three days off to go to church and pray for Divine intervention. After this time of prayer such a unity came that the delegates returned to the convention hall and quickly drafted the Constitution that has preserved our nation to this day.

Capricious, immature leaders is what the Lord told Israel they would have if they departed from Him. We are a nation that has departed from the Lord. Our leadership, in virtually every field, reflects just such a condition. We are not going to be able to get ourselves out of this one — but we have One who will most gladly help us if we will turn to Him.

Let’s face it — there is no champion on the horizon that can save us. That is not a negative confession, but rather it can be an acknowledgement that causes us to turn to the only One who can get us out of this. PLEASE READ MORE

The Eagle Will Soar Again

Right now just getting conservatives to quit fighting and turning their energy to giving us solutions would be a major miracle. Could we stretch even more and bringing the whole country together? I know that takes incomprehensible faith just to consider, but an eagle needs both a left and a right wing to fly. Think about it.

I would never advocate compromising our convictions, especially on moral and social issues. However, our entire ship of state is sinking, and if we don’t quickly decide that we are going to work together to fix some of the biggest holes in the ship we’re all going down.

The divisions are so great right now that only a move of God could bring us together, and if we wake up to this it would end up being the best thing that could have happened to us. The solution:

  • Pray
  • Humble ourselves
  • Turn from our wicked ways
  • Seek His face
  • No heroes in sight, so We-the-People – each have to do our part. If WE don’t, it won’t happen!