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A sad little girl sat pondering her life, though only 12 years old was she. She pouted and stormed around her house. She was never seen to smile.

She cried and cried alone was she, for no one could stand her mourning. She paced back and forth, tears streaking her face, and wondered why no one embraced her.

She grew and grew and little by little, she started to see outside. She saw other kids laugh, and she saw others kids play, still no one approached her at all.

This puzzled this dear one, and caused her to think, think hard about what others knew. They knew how to laugh, and they knew how to play, but they didn’t know how to break through.

This sad little girl, became a melancholy young lady, and still her depression grew. Alone in the dark, she pondered her fate, and waited for her knight in white armor.

Alas, sighed she, wherever can he be, this courageous, magnificent Savior … When lo and behold, as she called out his name, He claimed her and set her aflame.

Nay, not just an ordinary candlelight flame, but a richer, much brighter zeal. She turned her eyes outward and opened them wide, and soon purposeful joy overwhelmed her.

“When you look away from the weight you bear,” she said as she turned again and looked outward, “Then suddenly all that appears unfair, seems only a trap to impair.”

This week’s Inspiration Monday entry. Prompt used: When you look away You’re wonderful, BEKINDREWRITE