Of plymouth plantation - William Bradford et al thanking God for a safe passage and asking God's blessing upon this new land.

Above, is a portrait of the few who survived the crossing to land near Plymouth, MA. If you take the time to read their journals (Of Plymouth Plantation, written by William Bradford,) there is a fundamental truth that is obvious. These people possessed a profound ‘attitude of gratitude’ toward the Almighty God who guided them to the new land. The entire culture was built upon this foundation. These would be the leaders of the Plymouth Colony.


The current democratic leadership has chosen a vile and base pathway as their desired course along which to lead WE-THE-PEOPLE. They desire us to believe the contemptible language and images they create is the norm. They hurl this vulgar language at the right, the TEA Party, the conservatives, and blame them/us for the stalemate in Congress. I contend, this pseudo political elite itself is deluded.

So I ask you, mt friends, which do you choose:

Gratitude or Resentment
Your Call

We can be thankful for what we have, because even the poorest among us is significantly better off than the richest in many, many other nations … OR We can be resentful that there are some who have more than we have.

Seems like a pretty easy choice to me. I am grateful for ALL the blessing God has shared with me and mine. How about you?