Preach it, sista! You got it right! We are ALL AMERICANS!!!!!!

The Radio Patriot

This video ties in beautifully with the post below.  Barbara from Harlem is going viral.  As it ought to. TELL it, sister Barbara!

(h/t IOTW) Here’s what some folks are saying:

Barbara, you are magnificent!

Cain and Barbara in 2012…

Absolutely amazing how people who love this nation are so beautiful inside and out and how their love of what is right, and good and noble radiates from their very being! All without teleprompters!

I love to see Black people who are not on the Democrat plantation, they scare the Democrats so bad that they call them names and try to demean them.

Herman – here is your press secretary.

Liberals worst fear–free thinking black folk who have not swallowed their hogwash.

She spoke all that time and covered a lot of ground, without any ‘ums’ or ‘uh-uh-uhs’ and not even any notes. Very impressive. I particularly like that…

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