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Senate Blocks Two Parts
of President Obama’s Jobs Bill

Yes, the Senate, the Democrat controlled Senate has blocked the President’s Spending Jobs Bill!

Two elements of President Barack Obama’s jobs bill failed on procedural votes when Senators tried to move them as individual measures.

The chamber then plunged ahead on a long series of votes on amendments to a package of three appropriations bills before advancing the measure, setting up a vote on passage for the week of October 31.

A proposal to provide $35 billion to keep teachers and first responders from being laid off was the first portion of the president’s $447 billion obs proposal to receive an individual vote. It went down 50-50, short of the 60 needed for the Senate to take up the measure. MORE HERE

Be sober, be vigilant;
because your adversary the devil,
as a roaring lion, walks about,
seeking whom he may devour (1 Peter 5:8)