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Conservative Patriots of America

Occupiers FYI: All rightie, the Occupation is now in 45 states, has a tax exempt status, and has raised $50K already — the movement is growing….

Actually, some of the Occupiers ARE “employed” right now as they protest @ $350-$650 PER WEEK!! Craig’s List Ad Reads: “FIGHT TO HOLD WALL STREET ACCOUNTABLE NOW! MAKE A DIFFERENCE GET PAID!”: Check it out! Sponsored by: “The Working Families Party (WFP)(workingfamiliesparty.org),” who tout themselves as, “New York’s most energetic, independent and progressive political party.” BUT WAIT!! WHO is behind WFP?? Take a look here @ this video exposing that Occupy Wall Street was organized from day one by SEIU / ACORN front WFP!!

Uh, huh… Yup, an organized revolt that is funded by the Lefties. Gee, what a surprise… What do you suppose their purpose is??? Any guesses?

I don’t think TEA Party members have to “get paid” to go to rallys, just sayin’…