Pay Attention, America! This is NO ACCIDENT!

The Radio Patriot

The Blaze has the story.  Rush Limbaugh is talking about it.

Here’s the video…

Freeper Eagle of Liberty has the media coverage data:

You ain’t seen nothin’ YET! WISE UP! If Obama and his commie operatives can gin up enough CHAOS between now and election day 2012, I can see him actually declaring “martial law” and suspending the election. They NEED chaos in the streets to finally bring to fruition the agenda they’ve had in place for a LONG time. (Cloward-Piven; Google it.)

And what is the best strategy to avoid this CHAOS when there is a political party funding the antics and many media sources EAGER to cover the protests?

Contrast that with how the media either did not cover the TEA Party rallies or covered them ALWAYS in a negative light.

Susan Roesgen Chicago Tea Party 4/15

CNN reporter attacks tea party members

How The Cablers Covered…

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