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Are you coming or going?

“Are you coming or going,” the ancient path asks. “Do you know from whence you come? Do you understand your vital roots? Some so young and eager skip right through these historic timbers, never seeing, never hearing, never thinking what might have happened just around that huge old oak, or behind that fallen elm. Some wander with their song-sung dreams as guides along my stones. Some march with purposeful steps amidst tall soldiers with green leafy caps and a stout supply of camouflage!”

“I am the pathway, generations old. The sum of what I’ve seen and heard, indeed, cannot be told.”

VOICE WEEK #5 – What great fun, thanks, BEKINDREWRITE!

DAY 1 Wandering Along

Day 2 Deep in the Forest

Day 3 Our Canopy of Leaves

Day 4 A Forest Stream Story