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“I don’t know why people are afraid of you! Maybe it’s because you’re so big and strong, but I’m not afraid! You’re my friend. I like to come here and talk. I know you listen. You do, don’t you? You know, I really feel safe here, alone, just wandering along. The stream that smells so sweet. Oh! Hello! You’re very tall. Does that mean you’re very old? You’re different than the others, too. Does that make you feel funny? Hm … You want to guess what I’m drawing? No, silly! I can’t draw my brother! I guess I don’t draw very good, huh? Oh well! I’m getting kinda hungry, so I s’pose I should go home now. See you next time. Bye!”


Day 2 Deep in the Forest

Day 3 Our Canopy of Leaves

Day 4 A Forest Stream Story