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She may be old and worn, and she may fly over a nation in turmoil, but she waves still over the land of the FREE and the home of the Brave!

Don’t run, and don’t try to hide
Your head under the sands of “I’m too busy,”
The party ended early, and your help is needed now.
The clean up crews are working, but gaining little ground,

One person more, one person will do the trick,
And break the power of apathy that binds us,
One person more, please, just one,
For five minutes of freedom,

Isn’t it worth a little thought and care?
Please, don’t run, and don’t try to hide,
The Truth will find you out,
And bring a different kind of heart attack;

An attack of compassion and conscience,
An attack or responsibility and gratitude,
An appreciation for our unique history,
Under the banner of the Red, White, and Blue.