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These days, we hear that just about everything is bad for us except maybe broccoli, and I wonder about broccoli!

Water is an absolute necessity for the maintenance of life … all life.  Animals need water. Plants and trees need water. People need water. I’ve heard it said that our human bodies are made up of around 80% water!  80%!  That’s a lot of water!

I don’t know about you, but my body let’s me know when I am short on my water intake. My systems get sluggish, and sometimes my legs cramp. As soon as I start to replenish the water to my thirsty system, I can feel the changes.

Years ago, we had a summer in the Pittsburgh area that set drought records. The spring was relatively “normal,” but suddenly, 22 May was the end of the rain! For weeks, not a drop fell. Grass browned. Gardens suffered. Farmers prayed!  Finally, halfway through August late in the afternoon, rain … blessed, sweet, light rain began to fall. Kids and adults alike ran out and jumped, yelled, and danced with delight. The rain had come … finally!

Water has always been a powerful image based on its relationship to life. Nevertheless, as we are currently reminded, it is also a power to contend with when it rages. While insufficient water can suck life away, so too much water sufficates life.

As with life in general, balance is the goal. Consume enough water to maintain LIFE, and work to not permit water to smother LIFE!

“I am the living water. He who drinks of me shall never thirst again!”  ~ Jesus Christ