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Barak: Israeli, U.S. positions on 1967 lines not contradictory

Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem

Have you looked at a map of Israel? Have you noticed they are surrounded on all sides but the sea side by lethal enemies that desire to wipe Israel off the map? Can you imagine living like that day after day, year after year?

ISRAEL - surrounded by lethal enemies

Blessing God’s Chosen

Y’varekh’khah Adonai v yishm rekhah.
Ya’er Adonai panav elekhah vee-khunekhah.
Yeesah Adonai panav elekhah, v’yahsaym l”khah shalom.”

(“Yahveh (Adonai) bless you and keep you. Yahveh make His face to shine upon you & be gracious unto you. Yahveh lift up His face upon you & give you peace”.) Num. 6:22-26 (Aaronic Blessing)