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In Defense of Freedom
Article just over a year old, but … interesting, eh?

    10 JUNE 2010 The Heritage Foundation’s second annual “Protect America Month” came to a close [June 2010]. The program was designed

  • to express commitment to America’s national security,
  • advocate for increased defense spending,
  • point out the constitutional basis for government’s role in protecting America, and
  • to examine the threats to the United States.
  • John Ashcroft, former Attorney General of the United States, delivered the closing speech.

    Attorney General Ashcroft began by asserting his belief that “the defense of America is tantamount to the defense of freedom. And freedom is worth defending.” He astutely reviewed his understanding of the definition of freedom, and how American exceptionalism plays a vital role in contributing and sustaining freedom around the globe.

    He rejected the common argument that freedom and national security must be balanced. Rather, freedom is the highest value with no parallel. However, in order to maintain it, it must be secured. Therefore, the two are not counterweights to each other. Rather, national security protects America’s freedom, and ensures that freedom stays intact…

    The former Attorney General also noted that America’s reckless financial conduct will have grave national security implications for future generations who might be unable to finance their defense. Moreover, if America reveals a lack of self-sufficiency to the world by becoming a debtor to the world, it signals America’s weakness. Funding national security should be one of government’s main priorities.

    America’s current Attorney General, Eric Holder, appears to have no clear rules guiding his decisions in reference to which defendants go to a military tribunal versus a federal court. His decisions appear to be arbitrary and capricious. Though he is the head of the Department of Justice, national security does not seem to be his paramount priority. CONTINUE READING