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All Aboard the Crazy Train

    Well, if it wasn’t obvious before it sure ought to be now. The liberal media elite have gone around the bend and over the cliff. The Crazy Train they’ve been riding has finally crashed.

    And it’s all because of those nasty conservative Tea Party Republicans.

    The same liberal journalists who won’t call a real terrorist a terrorist can’t go 10 seconds without calling conservative Republicans terrorists. Or “Wahhabis,” as Chris Mathews described them on MSNBC.

    Or “Hezbollah,” as Tom Friedman described them in the New York Times.

    Or as ‘suicide bombers” as Tina Brown the editor of Newsweek described them on “Morning Joe.” MORE HERE

Well, yes, the opponents believe they are on to something BIG! We’re past the simple “belittling” stage, on to the really “grown up” slander. And, prey tell, what might their objective be?


In their over-the-top effort to re-elect the current “Traitor” to another round in the oval office, the lackey-left media is pulling no punches in their attempt to the reverse the President’s current course downward. It is simply despicable behavior for so-called professional journalists!!!

Since when is it a BAD thing to stand up for what you believe? THANK GOD, most Americans are TOO SMART to fall for their under-handed shenanigans, right?


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