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It is more and more clear to me (is it to you, too?) that WE-THE-PEOPLE have succeeded in making quite a mess of the wondrous gift given us in this great nation. We cannot rightly blame one political party or the other, nor can we put all the blame on the current administration. As I see it, the blame falls squarely on the backs of the US … of WE-THE-PEOPLE!

OK … blame placed! Now, how to fix what we’ve allowed to happen.

HEART to HEART: The problem is much deeper than the government, because WE are the government. The government is a reflection of US! That tells me that the corruption we see in Washington is also in us. The greed on Wall Street is the same greed that is in us , and the selfishness of the unions is the selfishness in us. Power corrupts! This is true in Washington, and it’s true in Des Moines Iowa, in Waynesboro, PA, in Salem, Oregon, to Caribou, Maine, to Delta Junction, Alaska, your home town and mine.

Ironically, perhaps, the same holds true in most organizations, including churches. As soon as a human being is given a title, both the others and the appointee see him or her as set apart from the rest. This is HUMAN NATURE. We automatically treat that person differently, though the differences may appear subtle, they are nevertheless, different! It matters not whether the organization is the Elks, the PTA, the Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts, or the local Protestant or Catholic church. There is something in each of us that desires, almost requires HEIRARCHY. It is the establishment of HEALTHY BOUNDARIES that helps define our life, our liberty, and helps us find our happiness. It helps us sleep at night. It gets us through the storms of life. In the long run, however, it is up to each of us, each individual to build his or her moral compass, and then live by it. It should not change with every stormy blast or every new idea. It must be rooted in something much, much bigger than any human.

While there is a hunger deep in the human soul for FREEDOM, so there is a vulnerability to selfishness. It is only with hard work and a decided purpose that an individual can move away from that selfishness toward real personal freedom. Selfishness is the enemy of FREEDOM!

Not long ago, America was born and established under a strong unifying morality that held the population together. While this morality was built on traditional Judeo/Christian values, the morality itself was not affiliated with any religion. It was simply a matter of good and bad. In America today, the moral definition of good and bad has been blurred.


Bellevue Man Punches Woman During Road Rage Incident

Road RAGE is every place! Large cities to small towns, people are ENRAGED against other people over seemingly routine things like parking spaces, a honking horn, smacking another child’s bum … Where is RIGHT v WRONG?

What is WRONG with us???

I do not promote religion, but I am certain that none of us can make it through this life with an “Absolute.” In America today, right and wrong are “relative,” good and bad are “relative.” Relative means a thing is subject to the context. In other words, everything has a possibility of being EITHER right or wrong. Without an “Absolute,” meaning unchanging, always right or always wrong, always good or always bad … without an “absolute,” we are a magnetic compass without a true North.

G-d has been defined in any number of ways, and while I am certain my G-d is THE G-d, nevertheless, I do not demand that you embrace Him. Even grasping a concept like the Golden Rule is an worthy “absolute” to live by. Many adhere to the 10 Commandments, which can be summarized as “Love your neighbor as yourself.” We do not STEAL from ourselves, or slander ourselves.

WE are the “charity” organization that needs to tend our weak and infirmed, not the government. It is OUR responsibility to help the truly poor, not the government’s. Many Americans donate to any number of charities. In fact, Americans are among the most “giving” people in total dollars. However, if we look at percentages of income? Interestingly, nations much poorer give a greater percentage. Money isn’t everything. Time and energy are even more valuable both to the giver and the recipients.

All this boils down to US – WE-THE-PEOPLE need to make some BIG changes in our own personal lives, if AMERICA is to prosper. We must find our way back to a moral foundation, throw away all the CRAP we’ve gathered and get back to basics of life.