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A reflective light amidst the darkness and storms

I am a person of faith, and as such, the priorities of my life revolve around my personal relationship with God.  My love for him and the compassion and empathy I feel for others all flow from God. The fierceness of my love for my three children is rooted and tempered. In God. The tremendous gratitude and pride (not arrogance) that swells within me eminates ultimately from the throne of God.

There are those who believe that faith belongs only in a church or synagogue. I am not among them. Faith is who I am, but there are “apps” in each of our lives for that faith, places to use and apply our faith since faith without works is dead. Being an American citizen entitles me to share in the many rich choices available here. From the hundreds of varieties of shampoo to the fresh produce at the grocery to clothing, fragrances, cars, and technology. In exchange, I pay taxes and served my country a brief 3 years.

Now, my duties, my responsibilities to my children no longer include daily meals, laundry, and carpooling, so I am FREE to make other choices. Shall I join a bowling league? a Bridge Club? a local Tea Party? or lock myself within the 4 walls of a local congregation? There are a multitude of options. This is America!

America was birthed with a Godly purpose. She has grown, matured, and rebelled, just like any person. Now, she must grow up and become a mature, responsible, compassionate adult. The outcome is not my responsibility. The ultimate path of our nation is not my responsibility. It IS my responsibility, however, to do my part. It is the RIGHT place for me to APPLY my faith. It may not be for every person of faith, I suppose, but again, that is not my responsibility. I can only do my part. I am one voice, but I vow to be a persistent voice for balance, for compassion tempered by responsibility. I love my country and the people who call her “HOME.”