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N.Korea threatens “physical response” to U.S. moves

OLD NEWS: About a year ago, Americans were battered by news and threats of an eminent confrontation with North Korea, remember? The networks, cable, and talk shows analyzed and over-analyzed the situation up one side and down the other. War was coming … they were sure. The sky was falling, they were convinced and they told us repeatedly until the issue just faded into news oblivion.

Paranoia strikes deep,
Into your heart it will creep.
It happens when you’re always afraid,
Step out of line, and the man come to take you away.

Fear of Islamic Militant Attacks in Nigeria Spreads to Lagos

EVERYDAY NEWS: “The fear of attacks by Islamic militants in Nigeria is spreading south to the commercial capital, Lagos, where city buses are being checked for bombs. A group that says it is fighting for a separate Islamic state is thought responsible for a series of attacks across the north.

“Bomb attacks and ambushes in the northern city of Maiduguri have indefinitely closed the university there and led to an exodus of civilians, some of whom are newly unemployed motorbike taxi drivers after all motorbikes were banned in Maiduguri because Islamic militants were using them to throw bombs.

Courage is resistance to fear,
mastery of fear,
not absence of fear.

Mark Twain

Obama: No guarantee for Social Security checks

TODAY’S NEWS: “It was a striking thing today to see the President of the United States say that he cannot guarantee the 27 million Social Security checks that are due to be mailed on August 3rd.”

Striking, indeed! Words cannot express the outrage, the frustration, the offense perpetrated by the President’s remarks. This is a bold face LIE!


One of many lies oozing from the White House these days. To intentionally terrify our Seniors by intimating insufficient funds for their Social Security checks is beyond reprehensible! The many thousands of Seniors who rely on those checks to pay their everyday living expenses need to be assured THEIR money is safe and will be in the mail as its usual time regardless of a deal on the budget/debt ceiling. Confusion breeds fear, and truth dispels it. Simple as that!

“This debt limit increase is his [President Obama’s] problem,” Rep. Boehner said. “And I think it’s time for him to lead by putting his plan on the table something that the Congress can pass.” AMEN!

FEAR is terror. Terrorists breed terror! Are you following my thinking? Where is Homeland Security? I have a complaint!

Are WE THE PEOPLE getting tired of this yet? Had enough lies, yet? Had enough manipulation of the masses yet? How ’bout that Executive Order today taking away the 2nd Amendment rights of those living along the border. First the stimulus money pays for the whole “GUNRUNNER” scheme which then backfires, so now ya, let’s disarm the American people so they can’t protect themselves. Sure! That makes sense! Let those drug cartels and Islamic terrorists freely come and go. No need for borders, right?

“We must build dikes of courage to hold back the flood of fear.” ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

More and more it seems this administration, and the powers that be behind him, intends nothing good for America. That’s a very hard thing to fathom, but the evidence is mounting. Martin Luther King, Jr. understood fear. He understood the power of fear. Today, WE THE PEOPLE are challenged by fear all around us. The America we have known is quickly falling into corruption beyond anything we have seen before.


  • must remember who we are and our noble heritage.


  • must remember what we have known, what we have seen, what we have loved about America.


  • must remember how we were thrust into this “War on Terror!” We must remember 9/11 and the unity that ensued!


  • must resolve to do our part to reclaim America and restore her liberties, for all law-abiding Americans!

Generation Fear: Life after Sept. 11 for those who grew up with terror
“The fleeting seconds that changed the world began with a whisper in the ear from a White House aide.

“And though George W. Bush somehow retained his composure in that Florida classroom — the weight of history settling on his shoulders, a copy of The Pet Goat in his hands — what the children remember most is how his face turned red.

“Deep red. Angry red. Not a face for reading gentle morality tales with moon-faced second-graders at Sarasota’s Emma E. Booker Elementary School.” READ MORE

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

Franklin D. Roosevelt