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“Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery.
None but ourselves can free our minds.”
— Bob Marley

While the liberal left indoctrinates our young people by its re-invention of history and morality, they simultaneously work to obliterate the one ingredient necessary to build the “American Dream.” The one ingredient required for “LIFE, LIBERTY, and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS!” It’s something many teachers cannot and will not teach. It’s something only astute parents can live out before their children’s eyes, and pray into their children’s hearts. It is NOT automatic. It is not learned by osmosis or genetically inherited. Most importantly, it is something any and all supporters of BIG GOVERNMENT detest.


confident or trustful dependence.
something or someone relied on.

Self-reliance, therefore, is confidence or trust in one’s own self.

When the earliest Europeans arrived on American (New World) soil, there was no government to help them out with unemployment, obtaining a mortgage, or even protection from other settlers or Native Americans that governed themselves and occasionally saw these newcomers as a threat. There was no food that was not first grown. There was no home that was not first built. There were no shops or churches or barns or schools that did not rise out of the ground with sweat and effort. Yet, in only 235 years, from nearly nothing but raw energy, raw natural resources, and SELF-RELIANCE, these early Americans built the single most affluent, most powerful, most charitable, and most benevolent civilization – not perfect, of course – but still a vast improvement over any other culture known to mankind.

Amidst civilizations thousands of years old, America is but a toddler, but her “destiny” remains only partially fulfilled. Those early settlers faced horrendous challenges in the winters without adequate shelter or food, yet they survived. In many instances, Native Americans rescued these villagers by supplying corn and showing the newcomers how to raise it and use it. Neighbors helped neighbors. Villages cooperated with one another for survival. Their goal was to establish SELF-RELIANT villages that could stand alone, but that chose to stand with their neighbors.

Contrast this with America today. Where is that SELF-RELIANCE?

  • Parents rely on others, often strangers, to “take care of” their children while they go to work.
  • Individuals depend on schools to educate their children, including moral or values education like sexual ‘how-to’s’, gender identity, and simple ethics issues like cheating! (see Atlanta schools!)
  • Americans expect the government to supply their housing, their food, and now their healthcare.
  • Americans expect the government to provide jobs, and pay them until a job appears.
  • Parishioners sit in the pews of churches and synagogues week after week and expect the priest, pastor, or rabbi to supply the “Word of God” for the week.

It is the plan of the liberal left, for the purpose of growing government, to enslave as much of the population as possible. Seems pretty despicable, right? “With President Obama’s lofty budget aspirations and clear desire to perpetuate and expand many American’s dependence on the government, I felt it was a good time to examine this by the numbers since they are indisputable.” Continue reading

“How much would the income of US households have dropped without being propped up by government benefits, welfare, and tax cuts last year?” READ MORE

When I was growing up, there was a cliché that went something like this:

“God helps those who help themselves.”

At one point, I vehemently disagreed with this statement. It is NOT in the Bible, as many suppose. However, this much I DO know: While God is perfectly able to do as He wishes, He often requests us to participate in some way. When He asked the priests to cross over the swollen Jordan River with the Arc of the Covenant, the priests had to first, put their feet into the water, THEN it stood still. In many of Jesus’ healings, the recipient had to DO something. “Faith without action is dead.” (James 2:17)

When did SELF-RELIANCE become a dirty word? When did the notion of working hard become passé?

    There are no people more creative than Americans.
    There are no people more blessed than Americans.
    There are no people with greater freedom – still – than Americans … but for how long?

What is American exceptionalism?

WE THE PEOPLE are “exceptional” not because we’re superior to anyone else, but because we are different! America is unique, unlike any other nation on earth.
WE THE PEOPLE are “exceptional” because we refuse to relinquish our freedom in exchange for a false identity or tenuous security.
WE THE PEOPLE are “exceptional” because each, as individuals, have certain unalienable rights bestowed on us by our Creator and what He has given, no MAN shall take away!