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I visited a 97 year old woman today, and she graced me with 3 hours or more of conversation on any number of topics. Back before it is the norm for women to work outside the home, she was a nurse at Pittsburgh’s Childrens’ Hospital. Inevitably, the conversation turned to President Obama. I do not make a habit of shoving my observations down other people’s throats, so I approached the subject cautiously. Mrs. K was a lifelong Democrat, worked the local polls for 19 years as a volunteer, and actively supported every Democratic candidate, including local elections, starting with FDR.

As we spoke, she recounted the devastation of the Great Depression and noted that similar unemployment numbers exist today. Cautiously, I asked her if she intended to vote Democratic in 2012 to re-elect President Obama. She hesitated, and indicated that as much as it pained her to do so, she would have to vote inn opposition to his re-election. For this dear lady, his foreign birth status is not an issue. His immigration issue is not an issue. Although there are now any number of potential problems with the current administrations rule, the one thing that has inspired this lady to look at Michele Bachmann and Herman Cain as possible recipients of her vote next year his President Obama’s promise to build jobs, and his inability to do so.

When WE, THE PEOPLE can shrug our shoulders over economic news such as the article below and start talking about The Voice, the new season of Big Brother, or who won the Stanley Cup (congrats Bruins!) and just HOPE & CHANGE someone out there gets things under control, well …

“If it doesn’t cost you anything, it won’t mean anything to you.”

the voice of my Dad echos in my mind. Have we become so small minded that if a thing doesn’t touch us personally, we just brush it off? The US economy is VERY ILL with millions of people are unemployed or under-employed. Where are the jobs the huge stimulus was supposed to bring? We’re so TOP-HEAVY the American-body simply cannot support it. There are people who WANT to work, but small businesses aren’t hiring for fear of raised taxes and increased regulations (Obamacare!) If you aren’t a HUGE fish, you better keep your eyes open, cause they’re coming for your job, too!

10 brands that won’t be around in 2012

Or when the American people can turn away from evidence of illegal activity in complete denial, how can we hope to acquire a government that is able to empathize with the people, to show compassion AND strength simultaneously? Even if we are unsure, is it wise to discount the evidence?

OBAMA and U.S. Army General Martin Dempsey charged with TREASON

“Obedient to OBAMA, perjuring his oath to the United States Constitution, it was Army General Martin Dempsey who ordered these troops into Samson, Alabama on 10 March 2010!” Continue reading


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