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Around and around he swept her, her exquisite satin gown floating behind her. Many of the young people hung closely to the walls engaged in conversation about the weather or the latest gossip. The fancy older folks sat in rings of laughter and flattery, eyes flitting back and forth across the wide ballroom, looking for targets. The saucy waltz played on and on, and the couples danced in colorful swirls. The Duke and his lady stole the attention of any idle eyes in the room. His grande physique and elegant black evening clothes declared his nobility and command even as her eyes were held by his powerful gaze. Her soft, sweet face was framed by her auburn curls and punctuated with radiant, lush green eyes that shone with mirth as they continued their musical debate. Gradually, he led them toward the side of the room, and they escaped to the terrace where he surrounded her and placed on her the perfect kiss. Silence followed.

The Duke and his lady!

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