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With the multitude of candidates all professing the urgent need for a change from the promised “Hope and Change” of the current administration, it deeply saddens and disappoints me that not one of these laudable candidates has dared to cross swords with Obama on any of the multitude of available topics.

This is exactly why Donald Trump gained such quick support. He has, if you’ll excuse the vernacular, BALLS! Balls to challenge China on import tariffs, balls to confront OPEC, balls to reclaim America for Americans – or legal immigrants, balls to stand for his convictions – right or wrong! It will take courage to draw a line in the sand for the gathering opponents of freedom! It will take monumental confidence and daring to make the spending cuts necessary to get the soaring budget under control. While there is no need for rudeness, there is every need for boldness … and I’m not seeing it in the current field of candidates. I hear the right words, but don’t see followup action! Come on … do you believe what you say or what???

Obama is leading from the rear of the pack, so just about anyone is an improvement, but PLEASE …

Let’s see some PASSION, some conviction! PLEASE!!!!!!!