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Ah daddy … I think of you so frequently these days. Our relationship was one that, though ripe with promise, never fully blossomed. You’ve been gone so long, and yet I miss you more each day, it seems. You and mom, both. My vision is so much clearer now, with some maturity, and I can see the richness of the love that passed so freely between the two of you. I can see now how that love bubbled over and dripped down onto my brother and me even when we didn’t know it. I cannot thank you enough for all you were then and for all you’ve become in my heart. Thank you.

Happy Dad’s Day

    My Dad & I didn’t get along too well while I was growing up. He just didn’t know how to deal with me … too emotional for Him, or something. I do have some special memories, though … things that were special just between us.

  • My Dad started in the Dairy Queen business when I was 2. I vividly remember tagging along with Him on Saturdays and playing while He got the store open and running. At one point, he had 4 different DQ’s scattered around the area. I loved the Saturdays I was allowed to tag-along with him as he built his businesses.
  • As I got older, I used to fall asleep with my radio on (before they made ‘sleep’ buttons) and He would come in after closing and kiss me and turn off my radio. It was my private time with Him … sort of.
  • I was / am a swimmer. I had the great joy of sharing this with my dad. I swam competitively from the time I was 3 – yup, 3 … all through high school and college both speed & synchronized swimming. As busy as dad was with the stores, He NEVER missed a meet, no matter what else was going on or where the meet took place. NEVER!

My dad passed away 11 Jan 1992. My kids are I had spent the previous Saturday evening with mom & dad watching the Steelers v Bills playoff game. Dad actually slept through much of the game, but that wasn’t unusual. That year, our Steelers lost to the Bills, ending post-season play. Monday evening, after supper, dad kissed mom, sat down in his chair, and died. My brother and I were there within minutes.

There are several things I know about my Dad.

  • He loved God. He was not a religious Man, not sentimental or weak in any way. He was seldom very verbal about His beliefs, but His life told His story clearly in the way He nurtured and provided for His wife & family.
  • He loved Mom. They were married 48 yrs before He died. They had a good, healthy relationship – a rare and wondrous thing any more.
  • He loved His family. He may not have always known specifically how to deal with me, but I have no doubts about His love. As an adult, his love shouts out boldly to me in the little things he was about – his faithfulness, his trustworthiness, and his quiet integrity. He was an honorable man.

    Grampa's loaded lap! My youngest babygirl is missing in this photo, not yet thought of, but certainly just as loved as these three! Gramps with Nikki (my niece on left) , Joya & Josiah!

    The night He died, we found His notebook all prepared. Life insurance, phone numbers for us to call, everything was ready and in order. He planned well for Mom, too.
  • Now they are together again. Mom joined him in 2004. I miss them. Dad was a rock for me and sometimes a really miss that. Mom was a friend. My kids each have good memories of my parents though they were young when dad passed. I’m grateful for the memories. Thanks Mom & Dad. What a great heritage you’ve passed on to us. Thanks …