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The American Spirit

I love my country, but I’m not deceived,
She’s not nearly as perfect as I’d like her to be;
Crime in the streets, deception in high office,
Unmentionable behavior betrays moral jaundice.

Hands open, outstretched fingers,
Isolation and alone-ness, mistrust lingers,
Are they straining to give or greedy for gain,
Promises are made, perhaps just to entertain.

I can’t draw love, but I know it when I see it,
It’s a reflection of gratitude, we can do it or be it;
Many strive and struggle for more,
While only a few recognize their riches galore!

Takers or givers, it’s a confidence trick,
Am I too poor to give or just too ME-sick;
Its much easier to moan over what I might lack,
Than to honor what I have enough to give back.

Too long we’ve allowed our fears to control us,
To separate, isolate, violate and surcharge us,
While slowly and carefully our freedoms erode,
In echo to history’s warnings forebode.

A nation of light, God’s mercy to share,
With any and every one brought to bear,
Equally, the price of freedom to share,
Unless ingratitude strips us bare.

BekindReWrite’s Inspiration Monday XVI
I can never quite figure out exactly WHEN these assignments are DUE! hahaha But here is my contribution for this set of prompts! lol