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Every few years, seemingly corresponding to the election of a Democratic President – but not ALL Democrats – the question arises about the integrity of elected leadership. When the news of President Clinton and Monica Lewinsky broke, I recall the scandal nearly became the determining factor in his re-election in 1996. Nearly! I remember being flabbergasted by the lowered moral standards of a people that would CHOOSE to separate the private moral choices and the public moral choices of a sitting President!

What makes a good leader? Ha! Just for the sake of argument, I googled that question. In most of the top websites listed, there was little or no requirement for any kind of moral integrity. I like the first listing on the site referenced here: Accountability! Our elected officials are accountable to US – to WE THE PEOPLE! WE must hold them to the promises they make or FIRE THEM! For must too long, WE THE PEOPLE have watched as these power-driven men and women say anything to obtain our vote, then do as they please to line their own pockets.

“It doesn’t matter if you are a Democrat, Republican or Independent; Obama has deceived all of us and has lied his way to the top with the help of many leftists in and out of government. This should be a nonpartisan issue and should be examined as a grave national security issue.”Douglas Vogt

It saddens me to say that WE THE PEOPLE elected these officials, and many more like them – on BOTH sides of the aisle. Corruption and compromise are accepted as rules of the game. Sexual misbehavior (i.e. infidelity, impropriety, and illegal use of gov’t funds and equipment for sexual reasons) is rampant in Washington, but also in state capitols. OR maybe their poor behavior makes us feel better about our own? WE THE PEOPLE bought the lies that morality is relative and the ends justify the means, and now we are paying the price. Morality is who we are! Do you really believe that someone who is able to lie and cheat those closest to him/her will not do the same to his or her constituency?

It is long past time WE THE PEOPLE demand more! That we expect Better! Higher quality both from our elected officials AND from ourselves! Morality does NOT have to rely on religious background. I don’t know about you, but I’m damn tired of being “less than the best” … of being way down on the list in education (compared to other industrialized nations), of being way down on the list of exporters of QUALITY goods at a reasonable price, of being way up on crime, violence, and suicide. BUT … yes, there’s a BUT … and I’ll close with this:

    What are you personally willing to sacrifice to help get America to a healthy, productive, compassionate place?

  1. Your moral choices?
  2. Your vote?
  3. Your Time to volunteer somewhere?
  4. Your Money where our mouth is?
  5. Your belief in Higher taxes?
  6. Your neighbors’ joblessness?
  7. Your downsizing to a smaller home?
  8. Your purchase of fewer ‘luxury’ items?
  9. Fewer benefits at work?
  10. Your willingness to behave and think like a responsible, productive adult in today’s adolescent culture? (VITAL!)

Americans, at least this generation, have never felt the pinch of genuine sacrifice. Oh sure we may throw a couple dollars into an offering plate, or donate a few charitable dollars now and then, but that isn’t real sacrifice. Sacrifice means giving what I really can’t afford to give; “the surrender or destruction of something prized or desirable for the sake of something considered as having a higher or more pressing claim.” Can we go without that McDonald’s meal? or the latest plasma TV? or the newest model mobile device? Even if it means a responsible balanced national budget? Time will tell. Time and some better choices and increased involvement will tell.

If we TRULY want America to get back on the RIGHT track, it will cost each of us. It will hurt! My concern is that it NOT cost us our liberties! Those I am NOT willing to sacrifice, yet those are exactly what the current administration is MOST willing to sacrifice in our behalf! I would rather be thrust back to pioneer days, no running water, no electricity, no heat but wood or coal … than to allow BIG BROTHER into my life, my kitchen, my bedroom! How about you?

All tyranny needs to gain a foothold
is for people of good conscience to remain silent.

Thomas Jefferson



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