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With Memorial Day on Monday, I’m a little late, but wanted to participate anyway! Hope that’s ok be kind rewrite ~ Inspiration Monday XIII?

The Colors of Character by CharacterCounts.org/overview/about.html

How to make a mask!

With a dire desire to build a mask,
I ponder life’s bold images,
And scan the shapes, the colors, and shades,
And gauge life’s starts and finishes.

What sort of mask do I need today,
Something bright and frilly,
Or perhaps today I wish to say,
Something dark and chilly.

What shall I choose to become today,
A mask of joy or sorrow,
What passion shall I evoke today,
Red or blue, green or yellow?

I hear you scoff at my contemplation,
That I dare to design my mask,
Who does yours, I sweetly inquire,
Or should I bother to ask?