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“What’s the difference!  They’re ALL corrupt!”  The well-meaning American said she hadn’t voted in many years because all the candidates appear corrupt.  I asked her how much research she had done.  “Oh none!  I don’t think any of them are worth the time and effort.”

“And another thing – why can’t I vote for anyone I want in the primary?  I should be able to vote either party, if I choose!”This issue I’ll discuss another time SOON! Watch for it!

How many potential voters feel either all the candidates are corrupt or their individual vote couldn’t possibly haven an impact? I suspect many, and I understand this sentiment. Problem is, doing nothing isn’t the answer, is it? Ignoring the problem never makes is go away. So, maybe there’s some sense to be made of the choices we have before us. Maybe there is something an individual can do, as insignificant as it might seem, to make a positive difference.

  1. Is the nation, state, or town going in the direction that is best for all?

    If all seems well, I’m afraid you’re either deceived or dreaming, but still, it’s YOUR choice, so back the current regime.

  2. If, however, the nation is NOT moving in the direction that is best for all, what authority do the PEOPLE have to change the current direction?
  3. GET INVOLVED! At the very least, if freedom is a valuable commodity, conscientious citizens can educate themselves on the issues and the unalienable rights afforded them by our Creator and the established republican Constitution.

Thomas Jefferson said:

We may say with truth and meaning, that governments are more or less republican as they have more or less of the element of popular election and control in their composition; and believing, as I do, that the mass of the citizens is the safest depository of their own rights, and especially, that the evils flowing from the duperies of the people, are less injurious than those from the egoism of their agents, I am a friend to that composition of government which has in it the most of this ingredient.¹

Laziness is no excuse! Didn’t our parents or grandparents teach us that “Anything worth having is worth fighting for?” Life is easy today. Most of us live in well contained homes with heat, running water, and more food choices than a vast majority of humans on this globe, yet we’ve forgotten what preserves those things for us. Most of us will not face an armed hoard of enemies when we head home or starvation. Some do, true enough, but not most. We’ve forgotten the sight of the once horrific Iron Curtain, and other similar symbols of tyranny that affected millions of people for decades. Out of sight; out of mind.

While no human is above corruption, neither is that excuse for not exercising our right of choice. Choice is what separates us from tyranny. Choice represents FREEDOM. While we may not find a candidate that agrees with our sensibilities 100%, 7 out of 10 isn’t bad when we consider the alternatives!

Now is the time. There are so many currently in the decision-making process, search the web, read, listen, ask. Find the man or woman who most closely represents the opinions and issues, and cast a vote. If there isn’t one, write one in! On every ballot, a write-in option exists. Make a choice. Make your voice count, or hold on tightly as America drifts into oblivion like so many before her.

“Only government can cause inflation, preserve monopoly, and punish enterprise.” William F. Buckley, Jr

1. “Thomas Jefferson to John Taylor, May 28, 1816”. Retrieved 2006-10-31. See also: James Madison on Majority Government