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Perseid Meteor ShowerPhotobucketPhoto by Joe Westerberg

Sometimes I wonder why I try,
Why I always seek to find
The high road that seems untried,
Why I yearn for more,
To learn, to grow, to soar.

Sometimes I wonder what You want from me,
I give You my best,
I struggle, but I rest
In Your amazing love
That I know covers me from above.

I’m at a loss for words, it seems,
And I don’t know what is next,
Where do I put my foot,
Where do I place my hands.
I feel completely vexed.

You are my Father, my Lord, and my Friend,
Did I hear You wrong,
Did I miss your song
That floated on the tender breeze
Tell me what’s next … please.

I will wait for You and try not to panic,
I will trust in Your sovereignty,
I rely on your constancy;
You are always the same,
And in You, there’s no shame.

Sometimes I wonder why I doubt You,
Why I panic and question Your ways,
Why I long to see Your face,
Then I realize it’s Your grace,
Walking me through this worldly maze.