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This has been a crazy day. With the budget on hold and the possibility of the government shutdown looming in the evening hours haze, and the “grown-up” bickering all over the media. A body can only handle so much recess behavior. So, I’m jumping topics!

There is a huge ambiguous lake around the meaning of the word “religion,” but this is not so to everyone. For clarity, the link to dictionary.com’s list of definitions for the word is posted below. There are many Americans (and others) who are very, very religious. That is to say they devoutly, routinely follow a set of rules and/or beliefs. They go through the motions, kneeling, folding hands, bowing heads, fingering beads, and repeating common phrases or prayers. These things have meaning but they are not necessarily Jesus-ism.

Very simply said, Jesus was anything BUT religious. In fact, he put down, “cursed,” argued with, and ignored the religious leaders of his time. Those of us who wish to be His followers are compelled to FOLLOW in his footsteps. For centuries since He walked the earth, men have attempted to organize, pasteurize, and homogenize the words and actions of Jesus. In short, we have tried to “humanize” him.

If he is who he claimed to be – the Son of God – it is an unattainable feat to squeeze all of God into human comprehension.

If he is NOT who he claimed to be – the Son of God – he is by far the singly most evil, conniving, deceptive human being ever born. The only other possible option is severe mental illness.

In this case, it’s one or the other. It cannot be some ambiguous third “polite” option. He claimed to be the very Son of God. He’s either nuts, a great liar, or … Logic dictates!

Walking on Water by Ric Berry