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Breast-Feeding Doll Video

This story has crept across the web from news pages to social networks. Do Breast-Feeding Dolls Cross The Line? I understand the commotion! The same week we read about push-up bikini tops for 8 yr old girls, and the distributor compromises by saying they’ll remove the “push-up” part of the description, we are then shown these dolls that produce a sucking sound when held against the chest of a child wearing the accompanying nursing garment.

The arguments I hear center on the sexuality of the issues. My argument is more fundamental. My concern is the lack of explorative imagination involved in both of these items. First, part of the fun of being a “little” girl is wanting to grow up, wanting our body to grow and change into that of a young woman. We IMAGINE what it will be like to be teens, to have a woman’s body. We IMAGINE what a loving relationship will be like. We IMAGINE the joy of pregnancy and birth and all that accompanies those events. We can explore the possibilities freely just using our IMAGINATION.

As adults, we already put so much pressure on our children to perform … to be moulded into what WE believe a healthy child should be. We listen to that expert and this article, that talk show host and, of course, our mothers-in-law! When do our children get to be KIDS? We arrange “play dates” for them with the playmates of OUR choosing and that often includes the activity we’ve chosen. How much FREE time do our children have to cultivate their imaginations?

Our culture seems to be moving toward the production of clones, all children squeezed into a specific mould, “one-size-fits-all,” with the priority of “success” at any cost. The heck with morality. The heck with genuine creativity. The heck with individuality. The heck with imagination! The means justifies the end. After all, isn’t that success?

Is this where we really want to go???